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Life Purpose Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your current role and want a change, but aren't sure how to take the leap? 

Do you feel like you are going through the motions but don't feel fulfilled?

Are you in between jobs and not sure if you want to go back into the same industry? 

Personal Life Purpose Coaching is 1:1 support for 1 month to break through blocks and look at things with a fresh perspective.

You will learn more about your gifts and how much value they bring to society.

This is aligned for you if you are looking to make shifts and commit to your personal journey and development. 


This is a personalized experience led by our Founder and Certified Coach Nikki, that is handcrafted to support you. Every 1:1 one month cycle is different, but the end goal is aligning with your purpose.

This coaching includes 1:1 weekly 90 minute zoom sessions, text and/or voice support, customized life purpose roadmap + actionable steps, tailored techniques just for you, and guaranteed networking in your industry (or your new industry if you are pivoting to live your purpose).

What it looks like

Living Your Life with Purpose Coaching

This one month 1:1 coaching is designed to be one month for a reason. The subconscious mind is DEEPLY programmed. Which is great for things like driving a car and doing tasks without much thought or effort. But when we want to reprogram the way we’ve been working and even living to uncover our true purpose, it takes consistency, unlearning, and aligned action. 


Week 1 & 2

Realize your desires

Understand your blocks

Receive custom techniques

Peaceful Lake

Week 3

Release what doesn't serve you

Understand your unique blueprint

Begin your actionable steps

View from Window

Week 4

Embody your inner code

Align with your purpose


About Your Coach


With over two decades of leadership experience spanning various industries, Nikki brings a unique blend of corporate knowledge and holistic passion to her work. Since 2021, she has dedicated herself to coaching, helping individuals discover and live their life purpose, and constantly learning. In addition to her roles in life purpose recruitment and coaching, Nikki is a certified 200-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), meditation instructor and Reiki Practitioner. Additionally, she is the founder of ModernZenCo, an online platform where holistic and spiritual teachers share classes virtually.

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