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Reimagining recruiting

We started Wildsol with one idea in mind, to connect as many people as possible with a career that sets their soul on fire. That ignites their uniqueness, passion, and fulfillment. We noticed many people close to us were experiencing burnout and stress and we were inspired to help.

We are an intuition led recruiting and coaching agency. We work with leading organizations, and developed a reputation as experts because we care about living your passion and celebrating your uniqueness. We support you every step of the way. ​


Hi I’m Nikki! 

 I'm the founder of Wildsol Recruiting and believe my purpose in this life is to shine a light on the spark inside all of us. We each have a deeper mission and uniqueness that not only fulfills us, but also contributes to the positive evolution of our planet. 

This is our purpose.


In 2020, I left my corporate role to heal myself from years of burnout and unhealthy living. This journey gave me a new perspective; to value wellness, challenge the norm, and honor my own purpose.  

Wildsol is here to connect purpose with career. The way we work is changing, and new opportunities are opening up with this shift. This change towards a new way of work gives us a beautiful opportunity to step into our genius and do what we love. It's the era of embracing and celebrating our uniqueness while building new ways to do business in the process.

I’m honored Wildsol can help you on your journey. 


To your authenticity,


"Magic, I feel so at ease and calm in my job search.  Like I am finally doing what I want to do at 35 yrs old."

Marie, VA

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